Basic Services

Preliminary Design:- The client’s requirements are formulated and reconciled with the budget.

Design Development:- The Design is refined and evolved into a project capable of being built.

Construction Documentation:- The Developed Design is re-cast into drawings and associated documents describing the building in terms of its construction. Initially these will serve to obtain a building permit. Later they define the contract between the builder and the building owner by accurately setting out what the former has undertaken to deliver to the latter, and for what consideration.

Contract Supervision:- This will range from being on hand to explain the drawings to the builder, to ensuring that what is on the contract documents is realized for the agreed sum.

Facilities Management:- Providing 'as built' drawings of the completed project and configuring these for the use of the Facilities Manager.

Additional Services

Passive Solar Design:- This is a process whereby a building’s seasonal solar response is optimized for space heating.

Natural Lighting Design:- Optimizing the windows to provide natural light and view.

Lighting and Electrical Design:- The company motto here is that if you are reading a book during the day, you should not need to shift your chair to continue reading it at night. Lighting and electrical layouts determined in house or in conjunction with consultants.

Electricity and Telecommunications:- Designs for Electrical and data systems provided by others integrated into building plans. This may include systems for building automation.

Interior Design:- Assistance with selections of fittings and finishes and documentation of the same for construction. May incorporate the work of an independent Interior Designer.

Landscape Hardscaping:- 'Hardscape' is the term for the built component of landscape; e.g. paths, pools and fences.